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The progression of cell dystrophy leads to an inflammatory process, and this, in turn, leads to tissue death and scarring (cirrhosis). At the same time, concomitant pathologies of the gastrointestinal tract, cardiovascular system, metabolic disorders develop.

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There are risk factors for the formation of fatty hepatosis, among them. Based on the reasons, we can say that the development of hepatosis can be completely prevented. A change in lifestyle will not only prevent the onset of the disease, but also eliminate it at the initial stage. As fat accumulates, fatty liver is divided into three degrees of development.

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The first degree is characterized by a small accumulation of cells of simple fats. If these accumulations are noted in the number of several foci and a large distance is diagnosed between them, then this is diffuse fatty hepatosis. The second degree is put in the case when the volume of fat in the liver increases, and also areas of connective tissue appear in the structure of the organ. The most severe third degree of the disease is noted when the areas of overgrowth of liver cells with connective tissue and large deposits of fat are clearly visible.

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Symptoms of fatty liver in adults. Hepatosis of the liver is a silent disease. Often, until the process becomes running, a person develops cirrhosis of the liver, nothing is noticeable. However, this is only an appearance. If you carefully listen to your own body, you can notice something that was not observed before. The first symptoms of fatty liver disease include.

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With fatty liver hepatosis, the patient is difficult to buy prednisolone pills any infections, injuries and interventions. Soreness in right side. Enlarged liver, noticeable on palpation. Digestive disorders. vomiting, diarrhea, nausea or constipation. Deterioration of the skin and hair. Predisposition to colds, poor immunity and allergic reactions. Reproductive disorders, impossibility of conception. In women, there are deviations of prednisolone pills, heavy or irregular bleeding. Deterioration of blood clotting.

If treatment is not carried out at the initial stage, symptoms characteristic of different stages of liver failure begin to appear.

If fatty liver disease is not treated, I appearrelieve nausea and heaviness tea with mint and lemon balm, which is brewed and drunk symptomatically, i.e. when the symptoms are directly disturbing. Milk thistle (or milk thistle). It is designed to improve the outflow of bile, normalize the work of not only the liver, but also the gallbladder. It also has a membrane-forming function, promotes the restoration of liver cells and helps to synthesize protein. Often with hepatosis, an infusion based on peppermint helps. One tablespoon of such a dried plant (usually chopped mint leaves) is poured with 100 grams of boiling water and left overnight. In the morning, the infusion is filtered, after which it must be divided into three equal portions. Each serving is drunk before meals throughout the day.

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Usually, anxiety symptoms do not appear at once, but increase over time. First, patients complain of soreness and discomfort, then symptoms of intoxication of the body appear, because the affected organ ceases to perform its function. They help to remove toxins from the body, enrich it with trace elements and vitamins. About 50 g of rose hips are infused in 500 ml of boiling water for 12 hours. Take three times a day, 150 ml. Liver collection is designed for treatment within 2 months. Ingredients. St. John's wort, plantain, agrimony, marshmallow (3 parts each), immortelle, eleutherococcus (2 parts), chamomile (1 part). 1 st. l. collection, pour a glass of boiling water, after 30 minutes - strain. Drink before meals 30 ml, without sweetening, three times a day.

If you want to avoid the occurrence of this disease, it is very important to follow preventive measures. What will be relevant in this case? Proper nutrition. Maintaining normal weight. You need to lead an active lifestyle. Walking in the fresh air, as well as moderate physical activity on the body, are very important. You need to drink at least two liters of water per day. You also need to give up bad habits. Especially from alcohol. It is important to monitor your blood sugar levels.

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Fatty liver disease is a reversible liver disease. This pathology can be successfully treated in the early stages. There is no definite treatment. It all comes down to a change in lifestyle, revision of nutrition, exclusion of etiological (causal) factors. This is all about fatty liver hepatosis. what are the causes and symptoms of the disease, treatment features. Hepatosis of the liver or fatty liver is a long, long-term process of changes in the liver tissue with its degeneration into fatty, dense tissue.

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So that the disease does not develop into a severe form with irreversible consequences, it is very important not to miss the moment when the onset of the disease begins its negative effect on the liver. In the article we will tell you what you need to pay attention to, what signs can serve as an immediate reason for going to the doctor, about further diagnosis and treatment of fatty liver hepatosis. Hepatosis or fatty liver, what is it?

Healthy liver cells, with elastic epithelial tissue, accumulate fats of animal and vegetable origin and, at high concentrations, malfunctions of the organ begin due to the fact that the cells and the parenchyma itself completely change their structure.

Hepatosis is the degeneration of liver cells into fatty tissues. Liver obesity occurs when triglycerides (simple fats) enter the body in an abnormal amount and begin to locally accumulate in hepatocytes (tissues) of the liver. The development of the disease is associated not only with the ingestion of a large amount of prednisolone pills, including - it can be a direct effect of drugs and alcohol. What is the relationship between alcohol, drugs and fats?

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